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“ Kuru tip ve jel aküler arasında ne fark vardır.Kullanım yerine göre hangisini nerelerde tercih etmek gerekiyor?”

Varta Akü

VARTA RL serisi Aküler
Features & Benefits
• Capacity Range: 11Ah - 1500Ah
• Recommended discharge time:
1 hr to 100 hr
• Excellent resistance against electrical and
mechanical stress
• No risks of terminal decomposition or sudden
death due to the plate construction
• Proven long service life: 20 years in stationary
cycling operations
• Operational temperature: - 40°C to + 50°C
• Long storage life
• Robust construction - hard-wearing and
insensitive to faults in maintenance
• Generous electrolyte reserve -
long maintenance interval
• Translucent plastic cases for visible electrolyte
• Conforms to IEC60623/KL...P

VARTA RL serisi Aküler

VARTA RM Serisi Aküler
VARTA RM/TP The VARTA RM/TP type has been especially designed for "mixed loads"that include a mixture of high and low rates of discharge. It is used for frequent and infrequent discharges and the recommended discharge time is 30 min to 120 min.

VARTA RM Serisi Aküler

VARTA RN Serisi Akü
VARTA RN This VARTA RN cell type is a further developed M type, which provides caused by a special perforation higher discharge currents for special application up to 1 hour. It is especially used for UPS and similar applications and the recommended discharge time is 10 min to 60 min.

VARTA RN Serisi Akü

VARTA RH Serisi Aku

VARTA RH/TSP The VARTA RH type has been especially designed for high current discharging over short discharge periods. The recommended discharge time for this cell range is 1 s to 30 min.

VARTA® pocket plate NiCd cells are suitable for industrial
applications requiring proven reliability and the highest
safety integrity. The RL range is optimised for applications
covering discharges of 1 hour to 100 hours or more.
Typical RL battery applications include emergency lighting,
railway, telecommunications, photovoltaic, marine and alarm
With over 100 years of experience in the design and
manufacture of NiCd batteries, supported by an ethos of
continuous improvement and technical development,
EnerSys™ offers a worldleading range of solutions to
suit varying applications.
Cost effectiveness, safety and durability make the VARTA RL
range NiCd battery one of the most reliable and powerful
systems on the market.

VARTA RH Serisi Aku


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